Knowledgeable and proficient wordsmith

Laura is a careful researcher and a knowledgeable and proficient wordsmith. She is everything you want in a writer: conscientious, attentive to detail and always delivers on deadline.

Brenda Adams, partner
Adams Jette Marketing + Communications Inc.
Ottawa, Ontario

Exceptional editor

Laura is an exceptional editor because she is thorough – every word of every line is scrutinized; she is thoughtful – every idea is evaluated and ambiguities are identified; she is kind – every criticism is couched in language that any super-sensitive soul can accept.

Frances D. Burton, professor emerita
University of Toronto
Toronto, Ontario

Excellent job

Laura did an excellent job writing the first edition of our newsletter. She led us through the process and the end result was a great model for us to use in the future.

Wendy S. Onstein, manager
Leeds and Grenville Small Business Enterprise Centre
Brockville, Ontario

True talent, professionalism and dependability

Laura embodies the true talent, professionalism and dependability that you want in a freelance writer. She has been able to capture the magic and entertain readers in what most would believe to be a very routine business profile. Many clients have raved that Laura's profiles were a main contributor to enticing new customers to explore their businesses.

Shelley Samson, advertising consultant
Brockville Recorder & Times
Brockville, Ontario